A Benefit for Oregon Trout’s Southwest Oregon Programs
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What is the Rogue River STEELHEAD SINGLE FLY  



The First Annual Rogue River Steelhead Single Fly is a fly fishing competition to be held on the Upper Rogue River, September 26, 1999.

All net proceeds will benefit the Southwest Oregon programs of Oregon Trout, a non-profit organization whose mission is to protect and restore native fish and their habitats.

How do I participate?


To receive contest registration information, or to volunteer for this event, contact Ashley Henry at 541-772-7988 or
What is the cost and what will I receive?


The Rogue River Single Fly has two classes of participation. Boats rowed by licensed guides cost $1000. Boats rowed by volunteers cost $600. Interested anglers wishing to decrease their entry fee are encouraged to seek corporate sponsorship. All participants will receive a fishing trip on the Rogue, complimentary ales and refreshments at the Osprey Brew Pub on September 25, complimentary breakfast at the Two Pines on September 26, handmade lunch on the river, and a BBQ dinner at the Awards Event following fishing. Additional dinners for the Awards Event are available to family and friends at the price of $15/person.

Non-cash prizes will be offered to winning teams and all who participate will have the satisfaction of supporting Oregon Trout in Southwest Oregon.


How does this contest work?


Teams of two will be paired with a guide or volunteer oarsman (depending on entry fee paid) through a lottery to be held Saturday, September 25, 6:30-8:00 p.m. at the Osprey Brew Pub in Medford. At that time, a lottery will also be held to determine which teams choose launch sites first. Each angler is allowed to choose one fly for the contest. Refer to Event Rules for restrictions on flies. The contestant is out of the contest when the fly cannot be safely retrieved or is completely destroyed.

Contestants may continue to fish although any fish caught will not be scored.


How is scoring done?


Simple. Longer fish means more points. The guide or volunteer oarsman will measure the fish using the provided measuring device and release it unharmed into the water. Any mortal wounding of wild fish results in point penalties.

Guides/volunteers will
turn score sheets at the end of the day. Scores will be announced at the Awards Dinner.


How much does skill play in the contest?


The more skilled the angler, the better opportunity for success. However, even the most experienced angler may lose the fly early in the competition. The objective is not to win but to have fun and support Oregon Trout’s conservation and education efforts in Southwest Oregon.
Is prize money involved?


The Rogue River Steelhead Single Fly is not a professional contest, and there are no cash prizes. There will be non-cash prizes for winning teams in various categories including most cumulative inches of steelhead. The underlying purpose of this event is to raise funds for Oregon Trout’s programs in southwest Oregon while at the same time enjoying the spirit of fly fishing.
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